Are Cyclists Reckless?

Firstly, recklessness happens to all road users, including cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit. So we can’t really pick on cyclists when it comes to road safety. All four road users currently share road space in Vancouver.

Secondly, according to City’s report, in 93% collisions involved cyclists and vehicles, drivers were the ones at fault ( So, why empirical evidence suggests cyclists reckless?

When we use roads to travel from point A to point B, we have to make countless decisions, most of which are at intersections. Road hazards can happen everywhere, and decisions are made to avoid collisions. But what happens if we don’t have many options, due to speed, space, environment, and other road hazards?

If part of empirical evidence of recklessness comes from improvision to avoid road hazards, then it’s rational to reduce chances for collisions by better road designs, before putting all blames on one particular road user.

Here is the Dutch intersection design I learned from @wisemonkeysblog.

Junction Design the Dutch

Separate and wider lanes for cyclists are preferable as well, but then we have to change auto-centric culture. It’s a long way to go, and the ultimate goal will have to come along with improved and more flexible/lightweight public transit as well.


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