Superblocks and Pedestrian Pockets


Peter Calthorpe

After I moved in UBC, I couldn’t wait to walk around the campus and enjoy the most walkable part of the City. However, I quickly spotted some shortcomings: cars, parking lots, and trucks.

Cars, pedestrians, and cyclists share the same road space in most parts of the campus superblock. It’s definitely walkable for adults, but not families with kids, though it’s a campus, not anywhere else in the city. How can we make it car-free in a superblock like UBC?

Parking lots are located, not only along the edges of the campus, but also inside the campus. This makes cars essential in some areas, such as those near student dorms.

Trucks, whether for routine delivery or construction, are nuisances to pedestrians. How can we make delivery vehicles super lightweight? If construction trucks are also lightweight, does it mean buildings are lightweight too?

There are many great urban experiments on the campus, but many elements are separated and inconsistent. Besides these, accessibility is very insufficient here, and the worst is the renovated UBC bookstore.


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